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Thread: Lily Gave Me A Fright - The Horror

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    Default Lily Gave Me A Fright - The Horror


    We all went for our normal Saturday morning walk ,then after about ten minutes Lily let out a squeal and jumped in the air then started nosing and licking around her back legs .We of course stopped and all the horrible thoughts came into my mind about Cavalier problems, but before I could investigate further she was up and walking as normal .So we all carried on then five minutes later another squeal and jump now we do stop to have a look .
    It was a piece of bramble that had got tangled in her fur on her tummy and as she walked / run it must of jabbed her in the tummy but it was easy enough to remove . But when these things happen they virtually give us heart failure so please Lily dont do that and lets all have a nice lovely walk ,you little horror .!
    Brian M

    Poppy the Tri, Daisy the Blen, Rosie the Ruby and Lily the B & T

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    Paraoira does set in doesnt it? Sometimes if Leo rolls on his back on the carpet I think is there something wrong....then I think maybe he's just enjoying a roll!

    Glad Lilys ok

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    oh gosh, I could just imagine it! Good to know she's ok, but all of us live with these fears when living with a cavalier.
    Desrae, guardian of two tri-coloured cavaliers, Belle 3 years old and Bobby 1 year/8 months.

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    Oh goodness!! Naughty Lily giving her parents such a fright! It's hard not to be paranoid as Cavalier parents. I'm the same way! Polly will just have a normal itch of the ear and right away i feel a wave of nervousness (she's scratching at her head!") but I have to remind myself that she IS a dog and sometimes..well..they just have an itch!
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