I agree with Karlin,
I left my two when they were just over one year old. They are only ever left for a short time as I am usually home most of the time. I love my dogs and would always make sure they were safe all times. They always come first and they mean the world to me. They have the run of the house with all bedrooms closed everywhere is tiled so if they were to have an accident it would be easily delt with, not that they ever have. We have a doggy door out into the garden so they can go out when they need to, and they do use it. Most times they are just cuddled up asleep when I get back. It's SO sweet to see them like that. They have been really good so far never chewed a thing apart from the grass outside! Lol.
I think having the two has been good as they have been good company for each other. I always make sure they cannot get into ANYTHING while I am out. Like I said my dogs mean the world to me and I make sure they are safe always.