I hope Renate and others interested in HTM are watching the live video from Crufts - you can watch the whole of the competitions, but the winner of each day's competition also does their routine at about 5.45pm. Today it was Richard Curtis doing a really stunning routine. There's plenty of agility on the live video as well (and the dreaded noisy flyball to come!). No Cavaliers in anything unfortunately. The video is of everything in the main arena - activities and displays, no breed, except for the group judging at about 7.00pm.

If anyone wants to watch, go to the Kennel Club website, click on the right hand side in the dfsCrufts TV square and on their Home page there is a video screen - you can click in the bottom right corner to bring it up to full screen size. A great time-waster!

Kate, Oliver and Aled