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    My fiance and I have always wanted to have two cavaliers- we bought our first last March (a year ago) and he's a darling. Really, he's perfect. . Mel and I do agility classes twice a week, canoe, hike, and psychology research together. He's very helpful with the latter (keeps my lap warm).
    We had intended on rescuing our next Cavalier love this summer, but news came to us of a neglected and abused 5 month old girl and everything seemed to line up perfectly. In the park where we met Lanie (the wee cavie) Mel seemed awkward- but enthusiastic. Addmiteddly, I coddled him too much and he is inhibited around other dogs- we have been working in this in classes.
    So, anyway, we took Lanie home, introduced her to her kennel, basket of toys, yard, and couch. Sweet Lanie has had NO training over the past five months- none. Instead, she was locked away from everyone. She doesn't know where to potty, what to chew on, or how to "play nice" with my little Mel. Needless to say, Mel doesn't know what to do with her. I love my little dears, but seeing Mel so nerve-racked is really taking a toll on me- I can't even sleep. Every time Mel tries to lay and chew on his favorite toys, Lanie is interest and comes and takes it. Mel doesn't do ANYTHING to stop this, just looks at me. Should I intervene?
    I could use a bit of guidance here before we start puppy classes, I've never had a dog that hasn't had training from day one. I HAVE already enrolled her in a training class, but it seems so far away. I need to be able to communicate with her. Please help, I love my boos.


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