Good news! I had a meeting with Coco's breeder and they changed our contract to allow me to show her in all events! I am so thrilled. They said Coco is developing very nicely, only thing is they wish her head was a bit broader. I got to meet her sister and she definitely has a nicer head, but Coco has way more personality and cleaner markings.

So my question is, are Coco's marking permissible in the ring? The breeder said she is fine and they see all sorts of crazy stuff in the ring, and her sister has a definite white chin and white on her chest. Coco has like 3 white hairs on her chin, and light brown on her neck. Her neck is not white at all, but it really looks like it in pictures because of the flash.

What do you guys think, is this ok? Will judges not like my dog because of her markings?

In natural light it looks like this:

The flash makes her markings look more white: