On Sunday 15 May there is a Walkathon in the Memorial Park in Coventry. Anyone can fundraise for their favourite charity, and I wondered if those who came to the Coventry Fun Day in the last two years might like to get together and form a Cavalier team of both humans and dogs to raise money for Rupert's Fund. A circuit of the Memorial Park is 1.75 miles and you can do as many - or as few - circuits as you like.

It costs 5 per person to enter, which pays for the organisation and also contributes to the organisers' charity, which this year is the British Heart Foundation, but apart from that all the money we raise will go to Rupert's Fund.

Oliver, Aled and I will be doing the Walkathon anyway, but if anyone else would like to join us, pm me and I'll give you more information, add you to the entry form and send you sponsorship forms.

Kate, Oliver and Aled