“We as a club are encouraging more and more people to screen for health conditions. At our March championship show, ophthalmologist Ian Mason checked the eyes of 72 Cavaliers and did not detect any incidences of cataract or MRD. We provided free heart testing for all and cardiologist Simon Swift listened to the hearts of 164 Cavaliers; 138 had no murmurs. However, he was disappointed to find that there were only three dogs over the age of seven who were murmur free, and 13 dogs examined over the age of seven all had a murmur, although six of these were only graded two or less.”
Mrs Maclaine said that that all the Cavalier clubs have encouraged ‘and continue to encourage’ their members to scan their stock for syringomyelia.
“The number of those now scanned speaks volumes when you consider where we were a couple of years ago,” she said. “Many of the clubs have offered some financial assistance with the cost of scans for their members.
“We now await the outcome of talks regarding the imminent KC/British Veterinary Association syringomyelia scheme and the apparent stumbling block of publication of results.”