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Thread: Not sure if gabapentin is working

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    Default Not sure if gabapentin is working


    So Blondie has been on 150 mg , 3 times a day.
    After Dr. West emailed me back he told me he really thinks 150 mg 3 times a day
    is what he thinks is right in the middle of the "effective" dose, for cavaliers.
    I know that can be a bit of a controversial starting those, but I eased blondie into it, the first week just 100 mg twice a day, then 3 times, then 150.
    Once the droopiness wore off, i cannot say i see much difference.
    Blondie has never been a scratcher really, but i have to say that any scratching that was there, has certainly gone away, I also haven't seen any "airguitar", which she did 2/3 strokes off, a day at a random moment.
    However, as for sensitivity, she is sensitive in her hips, and that has not at all gone away, and also, she still yelps when picked up or put down the wrong way. (doesnt happen to me but to my one friend who just cant get it right or my bf who is too strong!) eo i have not seen improvement in that either.
    It was really hard for me to know why she was put on gabapentin all of a sudden, while 6 months ago no meds were necessary according to Dr. West, because I didn't see any clear difference in her behaviour those six months. But I believe him and trust that she should be on something, as Karlin said too, any airguitar at all and a dog should be on gabapentin. But is it possible that this med is not working at all??? How much improvement am I supposed to see? Is the yelping when picked up supposed to be completely resolved by gabapentin? If so, im afraid im gonna have to figure something else out. Prednisone is a defenite no. i cant be masking symptoms too much, as her syrinx is severe, and we are walking a fine line with her I feel sometimes. I'm just worried because even if we do go for surgery at some point and she comes out of it, i know meds are crucial even afterward, especially in the first months. yikes. should i ask about lyrica? One thing i wanted to ad is that her second MRI (6 month post the last one) did not show progression according to Dr. West. Which is intersting cause Dr. Marino said it progressed a little, though he didn't seem sure. I'm confused.
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