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Ann, someone else here posted about one of their rainbow Cav visiting them in their dreams to comfort them. I am sure Ms Ella would do that. She is an angel after all... looking after you and other Cavvies too. I also believe their spirits live and they will be waiting for us.
I believe this with all my heart!! She will never stray from you, Anne. You have a bond that will never be broken and she will find her way to you to let you know that she is ok. It is easiest for loved ones to do this when we are sleeping...our mind is at rest with no distractions.

We had a family dog growing up (husky mix)..my parents got her the same year I was born and we always had a special bond. She died suddenly when I was 12. To this day I will have the occasional dream that I am back at our old home and she is sitting by her dog house...I smile and go hug her and she kisses me. I wake up happy..I think it is her way of visiting me and telling me she is ok.

My husband's mother went to a psychic one day. Just out of curiosity really. Not too long into her session, the psychic told her that she always had a dog near her. A black german shepherd. And at that very moment he was sitting next to her with his head on her lap. They had put their black shepherd down a few years prior to that-she was floored!