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Thread: Cavaliers with a heart murmur and their vaccaiations.

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    Default Cavaliers with a heart murmur and their vaccaiations.

    With Karlin's permission ,could I mention this Letter that I have just received this Morning.

    This wee Cavalier has just died aged 7 years and 4 months , 6 weeks after receiving his annual Booster .

    He had a Grade 2 Murmur.

    Wiithin a week of his Vaccination ,he was coughing and not Breathing very well ,he was rushed to the Vets ,his Murmur had deteriorated to a Grade 5 .

    Then about 10 days later he had a Cardiogramme, his Heart was 4 times larger that it should be .

    His owners were now told he had Chronic Heart Failure ,with only a short time to live .

    He had been fine up to he had received his Vaccination, was not over- weight ,and was having no problem from his Grade 2 Murmur.

    This wee Cavalier died on Thursday last week.

    I know I have collected Pedigrees of Cavaliers already with a Heart Murmur ,and about a 100 ,after a month of their Vaccination ,their Heart condition suddenly worsend and they had died shortly after-wards.

    I sent those Pedigrees to the Adverse Vaccination Dept.

    Vets would not believe me about what I was saying, the only Person who listened to me was Dr Jean Dodds, in America.

    I do not know whether some Cavaliers with a Heart Problem can be Susceptible and be having an Allergic Reaction from their Vaccinations.


    This has never been Researched.

    I am not saying if your Cavalier has a Heart Murmur ,not to Vaccinate, but the decision is yours.

    Finally ,our Becky ,suffered from Epilepsy ,and our Vet took out the Distemper Part of the Combined Vaccine.

    Bet (Hargreaves)

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    I guess there would be many questions, Bet -- had a vet or a cardio graded that murmur? How long before it was regraded a 5? What was the heart history of the line? (sudden failure like that sadly is not uncommon -- many have had dogs decline incredibly fast). Had anyone done any kind of baseline heart xray to know there was suddenly a 4x expansion of the heart?

    Losing a dog is always a tragedy, and any kind of stress can potentially induce a problem. A lot of people overvaccinate as is -- dogs do NOT need annual boosters of the full combo vaccine, they only need one every THREE years as now recommended by international vet schools.

    A sudden failure could be coincidence or there could have been a connection. What is the alternative though? The vast majority of dogs and cats do not have this kind of difficulty. Anyone who has seen a dog slowly and painfully dying from distemper or parvo would not wish that as an alternative death.

    I would encourage everyone with a dog

    1) to insist on three year vaccination schedules for core vaccines -- the library section here has lots of links to vet school protocols for THREE year vaccines, so print that out and take it to any vet who tries to push towards annual core boosters

    2) to also be sure to get any other needed annual vaccines relevant to one's region, such as lepto or kennel cough

    3) to carefully consider whether a dog needs any further vaccinations after age 7. I personally do puppy series, 1 year booster, core vax at 4 and 7, then that is it. People can talk to their vets about a titre test to assess immunity before vaccinating as well (though these can be so-so in accuracy)

    4) Carefully consider whether to vaccinate any ill or immune-suppressed animal

    But please do not ignore the basic need for the vast majority of dogs and cats to be vaccinated.
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