I hadn't realized it, but we do have a couple of routines. I take Rose out for the final time of the night, lock the doors, and she follows me to our daughter's room, where she wants up on the bed to give her final kisses/nuzzles, then she gets in the bed with my husband and waits for me to brush my teeth and to come to bed. Then she bumps me with her nose to get under the covers and snuggle .

And she waits for me next to the shower every day. I started this so I could know what she was up to while I was in the shower , and then I forgot to call her one day, and I had to get out to answer the scratching on the door! lol She also comes running for the hairdryer for her "turn", wherever she is in the house. She LOVES to get a hairdryer warm up . I think she may be cold natured like her mama .