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Thread: Fifi and Rex- First day at home!

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    Default Fifi and Rex- First day at home!

    These are a few pics of Fifi and Rex's first week at home!

    Fifi with daddy on the sofa.

    Fifi meeting friends and family.

    Fifi giving kisses.

    Fifi and Rex cuddled up in bed.

    Fifi and Rex in their home!

    Fifi and Rex with Mummy on their arrival.

    Rex cuddled up with Daddy on his first day.

    We have been planning their 'arrival' for months.....taking time to find the right breeder, getting their little 'house' ready and doing all the research! we were so excited when we went to collect them, the day of the royal wedding! i did suggest to my fiance that we call them 'kate and william' but he wasnt having any of it!

    We think that the girl, fifi may be a tad plumper than her brother but our appointment with the vet tomorrow and a health check will hopefully put our minds at rest! they seem content and comfortable, sleeping all the way through last nite without any problems- minor the huugggeeeee presents (poos and wees) left to greet us in the eearly morning!)

    Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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