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Would it not be better to use your valuable time and expertise Bet in campaigning against genuine animal cruelty or the ubiquitous puppy farmers who thrive because there are so few with your knowledge of animal welfare available to speak out against them?
Flo, I totally agree.

I'm fed up of reading loads of negative posts and bitter comments about breeders who do their utmost for this wonderful breed. Why isn't the effort put into dealing with the money-grabbing puppy farmers. They're the real enemy - read the internet websites - deal with the owners of bitches who have churned out litter after litter (every season) and are then discarded once they've passed their use by date.

We've had cavaliers for 20 years; we're pet owners; we're close friends of breeders; we adore this breed; we understand the main problems affecting cavaliers (as much as anyone can); we've been to shows; typical breeders DO NOT shove their beloved cavaliers in cages and leave them out in the sunshine to wilt - it does not happen. Most breeders adore their cavaliers - they are their pets first and foremost.

We currently have two cavaliers - Jacob and Hannah (3 years old) - perfect health - they may or may not have heart problems in the future. However, my husband and I may also have heart problems in the future (runs in both our families). None of us can guarantee brilliant health - human or four-legged.

Surely pet owners and breeders should be working together to do the best by this most gentle and sensitive breed of dogs.