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Thread: The cavalier out door show scene

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    Back to Cavaliers being shut in Cages ,covered in Blankets in Hot Weather .

    Can any-body Prove that the Cerebro Spinal Fluid is not going faster Round the Cavaliers Skulls in Hot Weather and being Shut in a Cage and Covered with a Blanket because of CM?

    I certainly can't, but Davecav have you the Knowledge to say it being Covered with Blanket in a Cage in Hot Weather is making no difference to a Cavalier with CM.

    Has every Cavalier Shown at Cavalier Show's been MRI Scanned and Heart Tested?

    If Not Why Not?

    Someone already said this but it is changes in barametric pressure that can affect an SM cavalier. I noticed it with ella and also humans have talked about it. I asked this question to dr. Marino and I need to pull up the quote but he said something that more has been known from humans about changes in weather. One with an SM symptomatic cavalier can see this. A friend with 2 said she should move to arizona. I believe there are cavaliers all around the world with CM/SM and from the cold to the warm, it doesn't matter.

    Second, I think your idea about whether they have been scanned is good but it would never happen. I can't see it when there are comments about SM cavaliers not being shown. Personally I feel its more about protocols and an older cavalier with a small syrinx if scanned then what? Would we want to know they have been scanned or would it be more about the results?

    Like I've mentioned there are health confirmation classes (did I say it right) at the ckcsc usa where they have to be over 5 heart, hip etc clear with certificates etc. Great incentive and I respect that, but if you add in the mri's I would still want to see a 9 year old with all that clear, scanned even for research, and would it be wrong to allow them to enter if they had a bad scan (if asymptomatic)?

    Ok, that's all for now

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    Default The cavalier out door show scene

    Quote Originally Posted by Davecav View Post
    Sorry Bet, the health issues of Cavaliers, which are dear to my heart, and I do not take them lightly!, have nothing to do with people wanting to have a nice day out at a show and enjoy their hobby.
    Trying to pour scorn and condem them for taking their dogs, and themselves for a lovely day out, by suggesting their dogs are baking in their cages, and are suffering because they are sick dogs as they have CM and are Brachceaphilac, is, I think, insulting the intellegence of most of the people on this forum who bother to read your posts.
    Where is your proof that these dogs suffer. There are posts on this thread from people who take their dogs to shows and they refute what you are trying to imply.
    I take my cavalier camping, she plays with my kids racing round after a ball or just having fun all day, should I lock her up inside at home becuase the sun is shining? I think not! She is happy and she loves to be outside, and yes I have a cage that she goes in of her own accord to have a snooze in the shade.

    ~This really is the last I will say on this subject because you are wasting your breath on me. - - ------ ---- and probably I on you.


    Davecav , since you are not going to read my Posts ,you will maybe have noticed Margaret's Post about Many Cavalier Breeders who go to Shows are on Ego Trips.

    Can I thank Margaret again for her Post mentioning that the Article Posted on another Forum CLUB which mentioned that SM in Cavaliers is a Smear Campaign against Cavaliers, was Posted by the Secretary of the UK CKCS CLUB'S HEALTH Liaison COMMITTEE.

    It looks like that The Researchers into the SM Problem in Cavaliers are not to be believed by some in the Health Liaison Committee,since the Health Secretary of the Health Liaison Committee has Posted this Article,which has also claimed that the Cavalier Breed has been brought into disrepute because of the mention of the SM Problem in Cavaliers.

    What was really so disgracefull to read in this Article Posted by the CKCS CLUB'S HEALTH LIAISON COMMITTEE'S Secretary,was the mention that the First Cavalier Presented with the Symptoms of SM could be just a Mere Co-incidence.

    If it had not been for Dr.C. Rusbridge ,Neurologist Researching the SM problem in our Cavalier Breed ,would it have ever been known about,or is that what some Cavalier Breeders are hoping would have happened.

    Because the Secretary of the UK CKCS CLUB'S HEALTH LIAISON COMMITTEE was responsible fro Posting this Article, the Question has to be asked.



    Bet (Hargreaves)


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