Mimi had to go in for xrays today, she went for a check up for LP last week and quoted me £155 for the consultation with the ortho, the sedation and the xrays which i was able to claim from my insurance and pay the £65 excess. So we went back today and booked her in then i had to sign a form and the cost has gone up to over £250!!!!

I ended up forgetting to ask why because then she asked who i was insured by then when she found out it was with Argos she said i would have to pay in full then claim back myself. I asked why and they explained that they have tried to claim from Argos before and it has taken over 5 months to get the money and even then they put up a fight, they also said i was supposed to have given an advance claim a week before which would have been when we went for the check up so why couldnt the vet have told me then that we had to do that. I had to control myself so i didnt get upset. They said they would see what they could do and i may be able to just pay the excess but they would have to see with the manager as they dont like working with Argos.

I was also told i probably wont be able to switch my insurance to another company now because of this problem so i am stuck. If she has to have surgery they said it will cost around £700-£800 then because she is compensating for her right knee she will probably need surgery on the other one, so there is another £700-£800 which probably wont be paid for if Argos get their way. Am i better off just canceling my insurance and putting my money away in a savings acount and paying cash for any treatment???

I really dont know what to do, i feel let down by the insurance company but i also feel let down by the vets for not telling me this problem with the insurance before now and for increasing the cost of this visit.

Sorry for it being so long i am just so upset.