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Thread: Show ring newbie vent

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    Thanks for the replies...I am hoping in a year this will be old hat to me and my emotions won't be so up and down. I am having fun learning though.
    BTW I prefer obedience as well. This show ring stuff is very different for me.

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    I do Adult Handling classes when I can find a show that has them.

    The worst piece of judging that I can ever remember being involved with was when I took just the one dog to a Limit Show. To support the club I had entered my dog in as many classes as she was eligible for, which was quite a few. The one male judge was judging the whole show, even the Adult Handling Classes, due in the lunch break.

    When it got to my over 60s class I took the dog in. Of course the judge had gone over the dog before, but should have done so again. 'Stand over there' I was told. I thought it was a bit strange, but had to do as the judge told me. He went over all the other dogs then came over to me and said I should stand at the end of line because he had already seen my dog and decided to place him last.

    I am not griping about the judge not liking my dog, far from it. The disgusting part of this was that in a handling class the judge is supposed to judge the handler, giving each combo different figures to walk and awarding and subtracting points for the handler's performance from a perfect total.
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