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Thread: Please pray for me

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    Default No words at times to help I know

    But if it gets too tough for you, please do what I did when I lost my best girlfriend in a very tragic accident. I went to a grief counselor and ended up going to regular therapy for a bit. I am not sure that I could have recovered nearly so well without it. Good friends and time do help, but sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes we all need something to help us find a way out of the darkness.

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    Even though I am a newbie to the site and don't know the background on your situation, I just want to say that my thoughts are with you. I wish I could give out real hugs but I hope this helps ((((())))))
    I lost our Peke last month to complications of a heart murmur/enlarged heart and I really had so hard of a time that my mom offered to fly up here to be with me. I could not stop crying. I had nightmares for awhile. I took it worse than my daughter.
    What has helped me more than anything else was laying him to rest at a cemetery and being able to go visit any time I wanted. I am able to get it out and talk to him but also come home and not have all of his things in my face. They are in a special box in a drawer just for him. It has helped me cope.
    When we sat down as a family and discussed a new dog it was not even on my radar but I knew that I had so much love to give and I didn't want to shut my family down to a new dog so I caved. I am so glad I did because next month we will be able to give all of this love to a new dog. I know our Peke would want us to move on and give a dog a home with love.
    I hope in time that the pain will subside and you can be happy again.
    Many hugs ((((())))

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    Default please pray for me

    Please try and talk to someone i lost my bestfriend lucy 2 years ago and i really needed someone, They suggested i get a teddy bear name her ella and when you need a cuddle and a think of your friend sit and just hug it will help, i know everyone says time heals but we never no how long it will take.
    I send you all my thoughts for you at this time just take each day as it comes,
    keep strong
    gaynor toby and molly
    and my girl lucy who i remember everyday.

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    I am so sorry and you are in my thoughts. Which isn't enough because it's the internet and all I want to do is hug you and not let you go.


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