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Thread: Update on Abbey

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    One other thing: with hardwood floors, make sure the nails are kept quite short. Sammy is also on prednisone (am trying to phase him off it onto Lyrica at the moment), and this might sound crazy, but it seems to make his nails grow double speed. One day I noticed him slipping around on the hardwood and realized that his nails were too long to grip properly. I need to trim quite a bit more off his nails per session than I used to.

    Sammy also gained weight due to prednisone - about 5 pounds, despite a decrease in kibble portions. Changing his diet to wet canned food brought him right back down. Kibble is very calorie-intensive. The wet food isn't great for his stool though

    & Samwise (7 year old ruby male)

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    Default I've never felt this way in regards to all that we have been through

    I'm taking a couple days off work to prepare for surgery and today on the agenda is bathe 4 dogs and groom them. I just finished bathing Abbey and I almost cried in there. I had a heck of a time. She didn't even want to stand and at times I literally had to hold her up with one hand and the nozzle in the other hand. As I looked at her I looked at her in a way I never had and I want to call my husband and tell him what I'm feeling right now but I know he would lose it. As I looked at her with her tongue hang out from damage pre surgery and unable to stand I said "omg and now I am crying"--is it time. Is she living any more? now i have completely lost it. I want to call my vet but he's out of town. I can't even see the screen right now.
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