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    Default Thanks goes to!

    I don't remember where I read it but a member mentioned that gabapentin last for 8 hours, being ignorant to that fact we were giving it to Luka 3 times a day as prescribed but not every 8 hours. Now that he is getting it every 8 hours he seems much better.

    THANK YOU! So happy to have this forum.

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    Thumbs up Goda's Fiance

    As Goda said, this board has been a huge help for us.

    Now that we know what it is that has been affecting our little pup, we want to do all we can to keep him comfortable and happy.

    Everyone's suggestions and experience that has been posted here has been a great asset that we've been able to take advantage of.

    As mentioned above, the 3-times-a-day dosing for Gabapentin did not really equate to every 8 hours to us, but just little things like this have been huge as we're still trying to come to terms with everything less than a week since his diagnosis.

    Little things like this will help us keep our little man comfortable, so thank you very much.

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    So pleased Luka is feeling more comfortable.

    It is such a shock when you find out your cavalier has SM, and it is such a complex condition, what helps one dog will not always work for another.

    I do think that our unfortunately rather large community of owners with SM affected dogs contains such a wealth of knowledge & experience between us, much more than any single vet can know.

    What is so special is the way that people are willing to share that knowledge.
    Margaret C

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    So glad little Luka is feeling more comfortable. Leo and I send gentle hugs his way
    Mumma to Leonardo (Leo to his friends)
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