As many of you may already have seen, we are currently going through the agony of losing our precious old lady, Megan, after 12 long years of faithful companionship to her humans and devoted care of countless dogs who have passed by, whether as permanent residents or temporary guests.

She arrived with us at the age of 5 months in April 1999, primarily as a companion for our then old girl, Louie. But she was immediately thrown into the demands of TLC and motivator when I found myself hospitalised for cancer surgery and chemotherapy. It worked – I recovered!

Since then she has continued to be our most treasured darling – always independent of spirit, always calm and dignified in the face of troubled times, always giving selflessly of herself to those in need of guidance and reassurance. We thought we were so lucky when she appeared to have no sign of heart disease, and did not worry unduly when we realised she had gone totally deaf, until the dreadful day in 2006 when we realised that she was in fact suffering from the scourge of SM.

However, Megan was not one to give up unnecessarily! With the brilliant help and treatment of our wonderful vet, with all the support and advice from this forum, with good food, gentle exercise and a full diary of looking after others, Megan continued to live her extraordinary life.

And now that it is over, she is still helping others, because I registered her with the Cavalier Collection Scheme, and, thanks to Margaret’s good offices and the dedication of several researchers, our lovely girl is doing her bit to help solve the mysteries of some of the terrible diseases which have struck our beloved Cavaliers.

So, my darling Megan, we bid you farewell and a sweet good night, and will always hold you tight in our hearts, though we shall terribly miss……….

Your puppyhood charms

Your playful spirit

Your nicknames, like “Miss Wisp”

Your loving companionship to our own dogs like Louie

Your sharing of our interests

Your soothing whispers to our guests

Your incredibly blonde ears

Your favourite spot under the table

Your love of toast from your Nan

Your winning ways

Your wise old face