I wrote this poem..or whatever it might be... and posted it on a collabrative art website i am part of.

this is for my boy Oliver.

I miss your sad puppy dog eyes

I miss the freckles on your nose.

I miss the warm wet tong that would lick my hand silly

I miss the sound of your collar when you shook your head

i miss the sight of you sleeping on the coffee table in the middle of the afternoon.

I miss our long evening walks together

i miss the sight of niko dragging his owner down the street..barrelling at us full speed to say hello

I miss the sound of you scratching the sliding glass door to come in

i miss your breath fogging up that door

i miss your foot prints on the beach, or in the snow

i miss your excitement..of rolling in the snow..thoroughly enjoying every second of it

I miss your stubbornness when you didn't want to go for a walk, or be seen in your rain gear.

i miss the sound of your cry when you thought you were alone

i miss you begging for a treat every time we left grandma and grandpas house

i miss you squashed in next to me on the trips to vancouver

I miss your comforting presence when i was uncomfortable or nervous

I miss you sleeping at the end of my bed

I miss our trips up island together..because with you by my side..i was never alone

i miss our late night drives through town..when there was nothing else to do but listen to music and drive the empty streets.

I miss our walks on the piers..

I miss our matching hoodies

i miss you sniffing every inch of every strange place you were in

I miss people coming up to us and saying what a cute dog you were

I miss the smell of your hair when you got groomed

I miss your body wiggle when you itched

I miss the sound of your foot hitting the bowl at dinner time.

i miss you scarfing it down

i miss talking to you..even though you probably didn't understand me..or at least you pretended not to understand me

I miss you laying grumpily next to me when i take a bath

I miss your sighs..impatient..annoyed

I miss playing ball with you

I miss your endless bounds of energy and excitement when we caved and did play ball

i miss your impatient whines when we did not throw the ball fast enough

i miss the thump thump of your running

i miss nuzzling your nose with mine

I miss the feeling of your soft fur

I miss tackling you to trim your paws.

i miss the hair all over the bathroom, the couch and my clothes

I miss coming home to you every night

i miss the way you would paw my leg to get my attention

I miss the way you would snuggle up to me on the couch.

But mostly… I miss you.

You died of a broken heart. and now i am left with a broken heart