All of these accrediting bodies for acupuncture vets have a search function that one can use to find a local certified a/c vet. I would only use a vet that was certified.

Most of the good insurance plans cover acupuncture. I specifically looked for that before signing up with PetPlan.

Shannon - a/c would not be used to treat "flare-ups" - it's more of a long term modality because the effects are cumulative rather than "instant." A/C vets ask that you commit to a six or eight week trial - once a week - to look for benefits, and then the time between visits can be lengthened to every ten days to two weeks or so. Two of my Cavaliers with degenerative disk disease responded quite well and seemed to "like" the treatment. My Cavalier with DM did not respond at all and did not seem to like the treatment so I discontinued treatment after the 8 week trial for her.