Mimi has met and played with her new sister a few times now, i am moving in with my partner and his dog Daisy normally doesnt get on with other dogs as she was a rescue dog and all she was ever able to do was play fight with other dogs but she was suprisingly loving to mimi, she showed her where she had to go potty and which bed was hers when she stopped over night, i am so glad they are getting on. Mimi is still a little bit weary about Daisy as she is a staffy and is stronger but she does like to play with her. Here are a few pictures.

Mimi at Daisy's place.

mimi 2 by whittakeramy, on Flickr

Daisy at her place.

daisy by whittakeramy, on Flickr

Mimi and Daisy as close as i could get them with separate treats.

mimi and daisy by whittakeramy, on Flickr