Hello all,

After a week of three short visits, Kofri will be coming home for good tomorrow at nine weeks. The visits went really well, toileting, playing, sleeping and then again He seems to be happy with us, when we picked him up yesterday he went straight into his crate.

I have prepared myself well I think, but now I am feeling a bit nervous. I have taught my kids how to behave around him, that when he is in his crate or in his dog bed he is off limits. I have read Dr. Dunbars books a couple of times, planned the toilet training and made him a den near our bedroom. I have five wonderful children who are polite, well behaved and with good self esteem, one of them autistic, so I should be able to do a good job It is probably normal to question yourself. He is such a wonderful little thing, I want him to have a happy life, be well adjusted. I guess these are common thoughts, these little ones are so helpless, they totally rely on us.

I am actually a bit proud of his den, this is the thread for bragging so I have put a picture of it here: http://www.cavaliertalk.com/forums/entry.php?200-Kofri%B4s-den-and-more-pictures

am so glad I found you guys, it is great to see all your pictures and get a feeling of how important your little ones are to you. I see that many of you have more than one Cavalier, maybe in a few years I will have an addition It might take a while to convince my husband, it took me months to get him to agree to this one, but I was not about to give up

Thank you so much for being here


*Kve­ja means greetings in Icelandic.