I am going to post two threads the next one on Puppy buying in the USA because it got me thinking about MRI's and SM protocols etc.

I will try to write this in a way to understand, but I have a hard time getting my thoughts out.
  • I know I have asked this before and I found a previous thread that Karlin wrote responding about Rupert's Fund in Australia. I think this is what Karlin said. First I know scans are way more expensive in the USA. Second, it would take someone that would be committed to handling funds etc. I can not do those things. Maybe in the future someone will.

  • Now, Pat wrote:

"I've been thinking about this.......

I will volunteer Rod and myself to approach researchers and see if there is a similar program that could be set up in the US. As soon as I understand the parameters, I believe that a US scheme can be worked out fairly easily even if it is just for tissue samples to be sent to Montreal. I know that blood and tissue samples are much more useful than cheek swabs for DNA, but I'm just not clear yet on what other tissue/organ samples and measurements are being sought. Many of us here that live in large cities or near vet schools would have no problem getting whatever info/materials are required; we just need to understand which is sought for the research.

Rod - you can thank me privately for volunteering you!! I'll send you an email this evening with my thoughts including a draft email to researchers.


I am not sure how or if this is something to do in the future.
  • Ella's neurologist said that sometimes he will have an MRI done for a disk issue etc. and find SM as a secondary condition. Without using any funds from Ruperts Fund, if the MRI shows that the Cavalier DOES NOT have SM and fits the Rupert's Fund criteria:
"Are you a breeder or pet owner and with a cavalier of age 6 or older that you think might be a good candidate for a scan? Rupertís Fund is on the search for older dogs CLEAR of syringomyelia. To date, these have been very hard to find. Researchers know more are out there, but finding them before this research window closes is extremely important!" If the cavalier has a pedigree which I am not sure a candidate means a UK line, would this be something to help with research? I am not sure why or if this could not help especially if the MRI is already done?

Just my thoughts which since I am not like Karlin, Pat. Rod and knowledgable about this stuff and it may be stupid but would like to mention anyway.