We rehomed Taylor in 1994 at around nine months old...we said goodbye to her today aged about 18 as her little body was failing her.....I feel so sad, I have cried on and off all day and telling the kids she had been put to sleep was a choker. They have known her all of their lives!

She had been on borrowed time for over three years. She had kidney failure but was made of stern stuff. With regular checkups and a close eye on her she held her own well..

Aged two she was hit by a car, thankfully just a dislocated shoulder. She would foloow me to the local shops when the kids were little and wait to come back with me. She ruined my stair carpet and threw cat litter everywhere in later years...The kidney failure meant she visited it rather regularly.

She was a friendly loving cat who will be very very missed. Thanks Taylor for chosing us to live with for all these years, my heart is breaking today but I know we did the very best we could for you. It was a priviledge knowing you and being there for you at the end....God bless Mrs. you are a legend!! xxxxx