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Ok, I have been a member of this wonderful forum for only a few months now, but I feel I have to get something off my chest if you will permit me.

I say what I am about to say without any attack on any direct member of the forum ( either directly or indirectly ).

Ok..I have only ever owned one other Cavalier before Tess which was Tania. Now I was young at that time and it's fair to say that my parents cared for her and raised her. Throughout Tanias' entire life, there was never a mention ( either by vets or books ) of CM,MVD or SM. Tania died of natural causes at a very good age, and without any drugs apart from boosters etc.

I know these diseases are terrible for both dog and owner, and I am in no way making that point any less poignant, but for the average CKCS owner, who has bought from a reputable breeder, should we worry about these diseases until symptoms appear?....kind of like " If it's not broke don't fix it ".

If a car is prone to rust, people will stay clear of that car due to it's reputation...can the same be said for CKCS soon?..Is the problem so bad that no-one will buy the breed due to it's likelyhood of these diseases?. I seen a thread on here that says it is more than likey that your dog will have one or more of these diseases ( over 70% I think it was ).

Educating people on these diseases is great, and I have actively supported research into treatment and prevention, but it appears to me that the average person buying a Cavalier, will not get a scan done...will not check the health of both parents simply due to ignorance. How can you check for something if you don't know what it is?

I bought Tess without a scan...does that make me a bad dog owner?

Having spoken at some length to Tania (on the forum) and a few others, the emphasis seems to be on education, prevention and cure which is absolutely wonderful...but do you think it's solely down to the breeders to check for diseases and, more importantly, TELLING the prospective buyer that these checks have been carried out.

I intend to be a good "parent" to Tess, and treat any ailments that come about as and when they happen..Am I going to keep a cupboard full of preventative medicine just in case she develops this; or develops that...no I am not.

I just want to enjoy Tess every day that she has.

Do I want to be educated about Cavalier diseases? YES..Most definately..and this forum provides an excellent resource..but if I were a Cavalier owner who didn't want to be educated..would that make me a bad Cavalier owner?

Thanks for reading this.
I didn't know about SM or any other breed related diseases before I got Luka and Atlas and I didn't know better than to ask for SM scans etc. I wouldn't change the way I got them and I wouldn't go back knowing what I know now. I love my dogs and much like children you don't choose what health concerns they get in life.

I don't think someone who isn't on the internet scouring for all the latest information is a bad owner. This forum is great and I don't mean to offend anyone when I say some of us have other significant aspects of our lives that we simply cannot devote hours to the know it all of all information out there.

I also think it's hard for those of us who have Cavaliers and do things that deviate from the majority in obedience, discipline, health, food to stomach the judgment, which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't ignorant.

I don't know everything there is to know about Cavalier Health Concerns, does that me a bad dog owner? I don't think so. My dogs are happy and healthy. They have boundaries and every medical need is taken care of. They do not act out and are happy dogs with great lives and when there are health concerns, they are addressed with health care professionals that know about those concerns.

I think there is such a thing as being to prepared and too cautious. If SM is something that is going to scare yo from buying a particular breed of dog then perhaps you shouldn't get a dog to start.