I would love to hear people's opinions and experiences with this, as I keep getting puppy fever but rationalizing it away. My first Cavalier is Sammy. He's almost 5 years old, very sweet and LOVES people. He's quite sickly unfortunately, with SM, spondolysis, anal gland problems, and now an unexplained case of anemia. He likes to greet other dogs but then gets a bit grumpy when interacting with them. His tale goes between his legs, which seems to invite other dogs to pick on him, and then he tells them off and runs away. He gets especially stressed over his food and treats and will get very upset if another animal is around while he's being fed. He does have a best friend Laphund however whom he met as a little puppy and whom he ADORES. But she's amazingly gentle with him and spends all her time licking his head.

I do feel that Sammy is a bit bored and depressed sometimes. I live alone, so when I'm at work, he spends 8hr per day alone (4 days a week), which I feel very guilty about. Though he gets at least a 30min walk every day, he's not a big walker and will actually dig his heels into the ground after two minutes if he doesn't like the weather. I thought maybe a new friend might give him some enthusiasm again for something other than food and being cuddled.

Finally, I do travel a few weeks out of every year and finding someone to take care of Sammy can be difficult. I know I'd be complicating things even further by adding another one.

BUT I have puppy fever!!! And I feel like Sammy has been a lone wolf too long...