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Wow- this is quite a statement. I show my Cavaliers and really enjoy it-- as do my dogs. They are definitely my pets first and show dogs second, and get ample time chasing squirrels and being dogs, but they also enjoy going to the training classes and having their brains exercised and stimulated as they learn what to do in the show ring. The dog I am showing currently is heart and eye clear. We make a good team in the ring- he is a Dual Champion but more importantly, we have fun in the ring. He barks at me occasionally if he is stacking particularly well and he feels he deserves some bait. ;-)

A good friend of mine loves to paint and does gorgeous artwork-- not to sell, just because she enjoys it. Should this be considered vein and frivolous? I was just laughing with her the other day because I said that I have absolutely zero interest in painting and arts and crafts and she has zero interest in Cavaliers and/ or showing-- dogs in general, really. But, that is what makes the world go 'round. Do you have a hobby?

And, yes-- showing is very expensive and time consuming.
Your dog can't talk and tell you what they think of being shown. I am pretty sure if your dog took you to a show and started evaluating you on your looks and abilities you might not be so comfortable with it. You can exercise your dogs brain without subjecting them to being judged. And yeah when your hobby is to take advantage of another living being it's not the most appealing to me.

You don't show the dog for its amusement. I just think it's degrading and I am glad less and less people are doing it. Like I said that is just my opinion.