I have asked about this before but we are arranging for Blitz to have surgery soon and I really am confused.

I have been very determined that if Blitz undergoes surgery I really want to do everything I can to prevent the scar tissue. I could be wrong but I REALLY feel titanium mesh may be his best option. His neurologist seems to feel very differently.

His neurologist has quoted me the following information today....

"There has only been 1 published study on titanium mesh in this kind of surgery. That was back in 2007. Since then there has not been any scientific data to prove that it is a better choice."

"Studies done on surgery WITHOUT titanium mesh show that approx 40% of dogs will develop scar tissue within 3 years."

"While the study done with titanium mesh showed a much lower rate of scar tissue development the time frames for the study were different then studies done without the mesh."

"The main goal of surgery is to slow down the progression of the disease. We are just trying to add a few more comfortable years to his life."

"With the surgery most owners report a decrease in symptoms to some degree but dogs usually are not going to be symptom free. Most dogs go on to still need daily medication. "

My neurologist has never used titanium mesh in this kind of surgery but has consulted with other neurologists & feels that it would be very easy to do. He personally feels it will not affect the overall outcome of the surgery BUT may slow down the recovery.

He is working now to track down a reasonably priced source for the titanium mesh. At first he quoted me over $1000 extra to use it... but now has dropped it down to about an additional $500....

While I feel I am going to go with my gut feeling on this and go with the mesh I REALLY would like more information & opinions from people who have had the surgery done. Especially now that we are getting down to the last few weeks before surgery I am really looking for more information!

Uh, I am SO nervous about this! I only want whats best for him! It is stressing me out because he is SO happy & active right now! He almost acts like a puppy! This is just such a hard choice for me. I know its for the better...