I have been without a cav for 10 years and finally decide that was what was missing. So i went on the search for a special little man. I found him. We brought him home on the 1 June (10 weeks old) and by the 6 June we were in the vets, we have spent the whole month in and out of the vets. Until last week when he started to go down hill. The vet decide he would have to operate on his soft pallet as it was enlongated. They have trimmed some off and he has been like a different pup (running around like a mad thing, eating all his dinner and generally being a happy little man). The vet doesn't know if he may have to have another operation when he is older as he grows or not. I took him back today and all seems well. The vet is saying that he doesn't know if we need to feed him some special food which has dye in it to check that all his food is going into his stomach and not staying in his throat (he call this something but I can't remember!). Does anyone know much about this problem?