USA cavalier breeder Laura Lang has written a breed book to be published at the end of August. This is the first book about cavaliers to be written by a breeder who has dedicated her cavalier breeding program to following the health testing and breeding protocols necessary to rid future generations of CKCSs of early-onset MVD and other genetic disorders. It's sections on MVD, PSOM, syringomyelia, and other genetic health disorders are excellent.

For example, in no other CKCS book written by a breeder will you read anything like this statement:

"MVD is the most common health concern of Cavaliers today. You can assume that your Cavalier will develop MVD at some point. Don't listen to breeders who say that only 50 percent develop it or that there is no MVD in their lines, as these are not true statements."

You may pre-order it on-line at Amazon here