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Hi Bet,
I don't wish to go over old ground again,but this idea that puppy farmed or dogs who are not bred from show stock are somehow healthier than show lines really needs to be addressed.
I have looked hard and honestly found no evidence to support that idea.Commercial breeders are producing D and Es...as well as As and any A that I'm aware of is still accompanied by malformation and herniation.
Now,back to Brian's initial post about a link he saw on the PDE Blogspot.
It's about an update to the mateselect program where it's possible to use the healthfinder section to check what tests have been carried out on a dog.You can now query the tests done on a dog's parents,siblings and offspring if a test has been done under the BVA/KC scheme.As you can see it can give you the info on Eye testing regarding affected status for juvenile cataract as I understand it.It will also tell you how many litters and how many puppies a dog has sired or a bitch produced.
You can imagine the potential this database has when the SM and Heart schemes come online for breeders to factor in health considerations into their breeding programme...or to allow a breeder to see how many times a stud dog has been used and decide if they want to follow the popular mainstream choices.
Because this is the way forward...NOT trawling through puppy farms for needles in haystacks,but equipping progressive breeders who want a strong future for the cavalier breed to tackle a very difficult job.
In order to do the job properly I think what's needed is to allow the foundations to be put down to allow sensible breeding decisions to be made,without pressure or censure.
The breeders who own the dogs should be given access to all the data freely,but the decisions regarding matings have to be left to the breeders themselves.
There are no quick and easy fixes and we all need patience to see improvements.
Let's just see what the future holds,hopefully a more bright and healthier one.


Please tell me how can the Foundations be put down to allow Sensible Cavalier Breeding Decisions to be made.

It has been mentioned that around 90% of Cavaliers have CM ,therefor there can be very few Cavaliers who are not Carriers of the CM Gene/Genes.

So if so many Cavaliers are either Afflicted or Carriers of the CM Gene/Genes, then by using those Cavaliers the CM problem won't improve in anyway ,

How can it?