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I see we both live in God's Chosen Country !!!!

I don't know if you are aware that because of the Exposure of the Cavalier mentioned on the PDE TV Program and Margaret's involvement with it , she was hounded out of the UK CKCS CLUB as their Health Representative.

It was the PDE TV Program that was responsible for Making the Cavalier Buying Public aware of the Serious CM/SM Problem Afflicting Cavaliers .

And the PDE Program is called TRASH,was it just because it made the Buyers of Cavaliers aware of CM/SM.

Sad to say this comment has just come from a Newly Appointed CKCS CLUB Member to the CKCS CLUB COMMITTEE!!!!!


Bet, it was because I saw the PDE programme and made a note of Margarets name that I found her here and this fab site. I had bought Bella at that time and thought I'd done everything correctly by avoiding puppy farms and bad breeders ect ect !!! that was untill I saw that programme. What a shock that was. Luckily Margaret later advised me on buying my 2nd cav, and I got Jessie from a great breeder. Luckily I also found out later that Bella's breeder also had a responsible breeding programme. PDE and this site opened my eyes very wide and I grateful for all the help and advise here. Its just so sad that ignorance, greed and stupidity still rules in the cavalier world. God Bless Margaret, yourself and everyone for keeping the breeding issues a hot topic