So Toby will be 10 weeks in 2 days. I am noticing he gets scared with banging noises. Our neighbor was hammering last night and Toby did not like the banging and every time we would get him outside he would run back in. So I am sure that when the 4th of July comes (around here it happens a few days before and after too) he will be scared to death.
Our Pekingese started out ok with fireworks but grew too sensitive to handle it. He would shake for what seemed like HRS and HRS. He would hide under the bed and try to get into things like the luggage and such. We finally had to put him on Valium pills during this time. It was the only way to calm him down.
I am worried that Toby will end up this same way if we cannot get him used to the noise. Not to mention we live not far from an Army base and they have to practice shooting, we hear the noise from time to time.
How do you get your dog used to the fireworks?