Well last night (July 3) was the first test with the fireworks. Our next door neighbors had company over who LOVE fireworks. They brought a huge box of them. Our houses are very close together (cheap subdivision). We had talked with our neighbors the day before and we told them that we are not sure how Toby will react to them but we are pretty much quiet people. She said she wanted the company to take the fireworks to the edge of the subdivision to set them off but unsure if they will. Well they didn't!
Toby at first did not notice because we had the tv on but he had to go outside for potty time. When we took him out he got scared at first as they were shooting them off. He then calmed down and soon did not show fear inside or outside the house. I hope that continues through tonight as I am sure they will have a huge stack to set off.
We were not pleased with them though because as we were laying in bed I heard a pounding on the roof at the same time they were firing off the fireworks. I think one of the firework canisters came down on our roof. Thats how close we are to them. I was scared that it would catch our house on fire but it didn't. My husband will be going up there sometime this week to see if he can find it. After that happened we didn't hear them for awhile then we heard the fireworks go off again but this time at the edge of the subdivision so lets hope they learned their lesson.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July!
We went to the zoo this morning as our outing today. I haven't been in many many years!