I've tried crate training her and putting her to sleep in it at night. She would go to sleep at most 3 hours each night in it after that she would be up crying really loud and digging at the corners and biting at the bars wanting out.. But most nights she won't settle in the crate at all and does the above behaviour. I usually have to take her out as she was waking up my neighbours and they weren't impressed.

I spoke to a trainer who said I should consider giving up trying to crate train her as it might make her worse and some dogs just hate being in them. So I really don't know what to do as this is my first puppy and i'm getting no proper sleep at night. She sleeps on my bed atm as this is the only way she will go to sleep but even that is waking me up as she moves alot to get closer & closer to me or wakes up and starts pulling at my hair..