Our puppy only seems to want to fall asleep laying on someone. For example yesterday she was jumping up at the sofa next to Charlotte, when she was picked up she snuggled in and fell straight asleep. The same happens through the night, she wakes up and scratches at the bed, i pick her up and return her to her bed, I sat there with her to comfort her, she climbed out and onto my legs and started to fall back to sleep. I thought it must be a heat thing, with her coming from a litter of 9 and being used to sleeping with her siblings, so I have started using a covered hot water bottle to simulate this and she sleeps great with it. But she wakes up and its gone cold she is straight back over to me.

Am I doing the right thing with the hot water bottle? Should I be doing anything to get her into the habit of sleeping alone or will that come with age since she is only 11 weeks.