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Thread: Realistic Price I Can Expect For a Properly Bred Puppy

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    Thank you everyone. It is nice to have a clear idea of what to expect. We will probably go visit some puppies tomorrow. However, I am very much on my guard and expect that I will not be satisfied and will walk away. On the other hand, my boyfriend has now read about the health issues himself and I think he is understanding more and more about the importance of the scans. I am really relieved. We are animal lovers and we don't want to watch an animal suffer. You guys have really helped clear things up. Thank you again.

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    Best of luck! Beware though that if you see puppies, it is very very hard to walk away... it is how poor breeders easily sell puppies. Most of us would gladly take the entire litter... but it is really critical to be sure a breeder is doing the needed health tests to help both his/her lines and the breed as a whole (speaking as a person who has three cavaliers with SM).
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