When we get our puppy, I plan on closing off a small room on the main floor to be hers. The room gives access to the yard and because it is where we spend most of our time (and I can supervise her), I figured it would be best to use that area for her while we housetrain her etc. I will have a crate in there so she can nap or be safe if I need to step away. Also, this will permit the pets to get used to each other (at least by sound and scent) as the guinea pigs are in that room (out of reach) and the cats can come and go as they please but won't be unsupervised with her.

However, our bedroom is upstairs and the cats always come upstairs as well. I was thinking of making her another room upstairs as well so she wouldn't feel alone? Maybe if she hears us she will feel safer? I have 2 crates so I would put her in there for the night. My cats are gentle and will have their claws cut regularly, but could they still injure each other through the crate? My girl has never ever hurt another pet. She was raised with all kinds of animals but not dogs though. Baloo, he is more timid and he will not bug the puppy.

I was just wondering... Would this cause the wee one problems? Would it be unsettling to her to be taken from one room to the other from night to day? I don't plan on shifting things around within the room, just take her from one to the other so we can always be closeby... Any thoughts?