I did not want to take over Nela's post but I had to say this because it has been bothering me. In the USA, to get a Cavalier Puppy from a respectable breeder is quite expensive. I know this and when I decide to get a puppy (if I choose that over rescue) I know what to expect. My friend told me I should buy a puppy from this breeder that sells them for $500 and there is no reason to spend thousands on a puppy. I replied back that this breeder does not do health testing and is a BYB etc... Her response:

That's why you get pet insurance!!! You have got to be kidding me. I did a blog post on it but to get a drift of the type of breeder this is and it is a really good example of things to avoid but let me share some of it. I bolded some things that stood out to me


How can one not fall in love once they see a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy? Those big puppy eyes looking at you, then you give in because they are too hard to resist. Check out this email that was sent to a Charlotte Meet-Up Group along with puppy pictures attached.

"Just wanted to let everyone know that we have 6 gorgeous babies, soon to be available, from 2 litters.

3 Ruby boys, parents are 12 and 10lbs each.
2 Blenheim boys, parents are 12 and 11lbs each.
Boys are $750 each, and will be up to date on shots and deworming before going to their new homes.

Both fathers are AKC registered and one is champion sired, but mothers are both CKC registered, as will be the pups.

I have one female, she is a rare little thing. She is white, tan and SABLE instead of black. Some also call this chocolate. This is a very rare, and has happened once before with one of this mother's previous litters. As the others online that I have researched report, the pup from the previous litter was the same: her sable coat grew out with puppy hair and it was replaced with a VERY deep dark red. She is gorgeous, and extremely unique. I am asking $895 for her.

I am attaching pictures of all, please pass this along to anyone you know who may be looking for the perfect family pet this summer! They are 5 weeks today, so there is still a couple of weeks before they can go to their new homes, but I am accepting deposits to hold a puppy of your choice"

Then my friend replied to me:


There is nothing wrong and I recommend getting pet insurance but NOT for the reason to buy a cheap puppy from a breeder who does no health testing to help try to prevent inherited conditions.

Make me angry