I've been reading a lot and I still have a few questions. Would you mind giving me your opinions on the following?:

- For the car, do you use a crate or a seat-belt? Does anyone use a booster seat?

- Tummy sensitivity: My specialty is rabbits and they have very sensitive GI tracts in general. When you get a puppy, are their tummies still very fragile? If we are to train with treats, would it be a problem to try various treats? Should I stick to just one in particular? Is it preferable that it be a chicken treat?

- What kind of human treats do dogs like to get once in a while? If tummy issues can pose a problem, at what age can these slowly be introduced?

- What kind of chew bones are good and safe for them? What size should they be?

- What kind of harness is best for the initial harness training? I have heard of a 'front-lead' harness. I am guessing this means the leash joins at the front... Is it best that way, or should the leash join at the shoulders on the back?

I think that is it for now. Sorry for babbling so much... I just want to be as informed as possible.