UGH! Toby really hates his harness. Its an extra small, still a little big but does stay on him. Its pretty much a soft material except at the stitching. When I put it on, he tries to get to it to chew it then he scratches at it and then lays down to pout. After awhile he will get up and move around and play but still scratches at it. Its an easy clip on harness. It clips at the top area.
Then when I try to train him on the leash, he hates that even more! I've heard to allow them to drag the leash around for awhile. Well he lays down and chews on it instead of walking. They say to leave the leash loose as you try to walk with him and all he does is try to grab at it and chew it or walks himself. I've tried this several times and I can't get him to actually walk. We have done the treat thing when someone is holding the leash and someone else is holding the treat and calls him. He will walk to get the treat but then lays down again.
I've left the harness on for a whole day but have to take it off when he goes into his crate. I also bought 2 collars and he hates those too.
Desperate for advice.