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    I think it's time we starting using snoods. Raw feeding and two 1 y.o.'s with growing ears!!!!

    Does anyone have a pattern? How long are wide are they? I've seen some with two elastics & some with three...which is better?

    Thanks for any and all input

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    I just bought fabric for snoods and am looking for a pattern too if anyone can share one!

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    You don't really need a pattern, but you probably need to do a little bit of measuring to make one that will fit your dog's head size!

    This is based on what I've used to make snoods for fundraising - working from one metre of 44" wide fabric - you can probably get 6 snoods from this size; any suitable washable lightweight fabric should work OK. I've used both cotton poplin and a pretty glittery sequinned fabric (from eBay) that was both washable and surprisingly easy to sew!

    You need to start with a piece of fabric about 22" wide and depending on the size of your dog:
    a) 14" deep for a largish head
    b) 12" deep for a medium head
    c) 10" deep for a small/puppy head

    Stitch the two short sides together to make a tube; I did french seams to keep things neat but you could zigzag stitch, overlock, or use pinking shears, etc, to neaten the raw edges; press open.

    Taking about 1" on each of the two long edges, fold under twice and hem to make slots for your elastic, leaving approx 1/2" unstitched to allow for it to be inserted; press.

    Cut two pieces of "knicker" elastic long enough to fit snugly round your Cavalier's head - over the top and round under the chin. (Probably in the range of 12-14" lengths).

    Fasten elastic to safety pin and thread though slots; overlap ends by 1/2"-1", check fit, and stitch them together firmly.

    HTH, Rosemary

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    Someone was just asking for a snood pattern, and I can't find the thread...!
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