As I mentionned, I am about to go see some puppies. HOWEVER, I have no intention of acquiring a puppy from her unless I am completely wrong about my assumptions. I am very skeptical. (PS: I have read the many sections on choosing a puppy and I am sorry if I might repeat things orask for confirmation but I am a newbie to the doggy world and I want to make sure I have understood everything correctly)

This is what I know:

- The puppies will be 9 weeks old. (I have read that puppies should be at least 8 weeks old but I remember somewhere mentioning 12 weeks was a much better age.)

- The parents are pedigreed and 'tested' for the classic CKCS ailments. However, it is not mentioned that they are MRI-scanned (so big red flag for me right there) I was told she has documents to demonstrate this but I expect that it will be simply vet clearance from a symptomatic dog rather than anything of real importance.

- The puppies are vaccinated and dewormed but not microchipped as far as I know.

- The grandparent is supposedly a major champion from I don't know when but she can show us this. (Quite frankly, it doesn't impress me in the least. That doesn't mean the puppies are healthy, and as far as I know, dogs are judged on beauty and not health right?)

- The puppies don't come with a pedigree. (But the parents are fully pedigreed etc. apparently)

Now, this is one thing I need clarified for me please...

Should ALL dogs have a pedigree? Or is the pedigree actually just a paper useful for showing and competing etc? I mean, what if I were a breeder and would want all my puppies to be adopted out as pets? Would I sell my puppies without pedigrees? I am asking because I don't actually understand the actual implications of a pedigree. Of course, it is nice to see the lineage and all, but does it actually mean that one breeder is better than another if they give or don't give the pedigree? Is there a valid reason why one might not sell puppies with pedigrees? I think that issue confuses me a little bit. Personally, I think if someone were to show me MRI scans etc. but tell me that the puppy doesn't come with a pedigree, I would be fooled into believing that it is no big issue. Can you set me straight on this please?

Anyway, I thought I would get your opinions so that you guys can help me read between the lines. I really appreciate it. Right now, my main reason for going is to show the breeder (and build some experience for myself) that there are people aware of the issues with the cavaliers and WANTING properly bred dogs, even if this means paying more. My other reason is to really get a feel for the dog and see how my boyfriend really reacts with one in front of him. I want to be sure that he didn't tell me 'yes' just to shut me up.

Thank you everyone!