Hi everyone my name is Julie from the UK.
On Sunday 26th June i had what appeared to be a happy and healthy 3 year old Cavalier called Jenny, who we had from 12 weeks old. In the afternoon she was in the lounge and she yelped, we went to see if she was ok and apart from limping everything seemed to be ok, we thought she might have been playing and stumbled. 2 hours later she started to be sick, we thought she had eaten her food to quickly as she was very greedy.
The rest of the evening she was ok apart from limping.
Monday morning she was still limping but went out for a wee and was eager for her biscuits as usual. I did the school run, went to get some shopping etc and was gone till lunchtime, when i got home Jenny was laid in her bed unable to move, she was wet under herself where she had had a wee. Apart from wagging her tail she couldn't move.
I drove her to the vets and carried her in, her front paw was moving all the time like she was hitting something. The vet checked her and said she would like to keep her in for blood tests etc. The vet asked me to ring back the following morning at 10am. The next morning the vet rang to tell me that Jenny had died during the night. The vet thinks it was somethingneurological I am so devastated, she was such a fantastic, loving dog and she showed no signs of ill health for the 3 years we had her. She is my 3rd cavalier, the other 2 died both aged 12 with heart failure. I thought I knew so much about cavaliers and their health but nothing could have prepared me for the sudden death of Jenny.
I was wondering if this sudden death in such a young dog has happened to anyone elses cavalier.

Julie xxx