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Wow.And obviously there isn't too much information out there because some of us did not have it and I bought a book on Cavaliers before I bought Luka and no where does it list SM as disease that is predominant in the breed.
There is plenty of information on the web now. When you got Luka and I got Molly there was not! We have to try and guide people in the right direction and people that get caught like us, we are here to help them. My friend has a daughter who suffers from CM, she has had decompression surgery but still has dreadful episodes, sometimes screaming with pain and it makes you want to cry listening to her. I always remember her saying "why would people breed dogs with this disease" .

The breeder who bred Molly is still churning out sick puppies, despite complaints to the KC, local authority and other organisations, I have encountered five owners with dreafully sick dogs closely related. On average she charges £600 for each puppy! This is deliberate cruelty!

Breeding dogs into a life of pain has to stop, it cannot be justified at all? We need to help raise awareness so people don't get caught. Karen is right, if you cannot afford to breed dogs so they live a healthy happy life, they should not be bred at all.