Hi all, it has been over a year since Jack had his MRI and was found to have CM with ?pre-syrinx (he was 1 year ~5 months at time of scan). I had the MRI at LIVS with Dr. Marino recommending immediate surgery. I got a second opinion with Dr. West, who was against Jack having surgery and recommending medication managment. So I told myself I would give it a year and see how he does and re-scan him to see if this "pre-syrinx" has grown into an actual syrinx. Here I am over a year later and Jack is on 200mg gabapentin 3x's daily, 10mg omeprazole once daily and 500mg keppra 3x's day. Jack is 2 years and 9 months old, weighing ~21 lbs.

Jack still scratches and I can tell he has some periods of discomfort, however, overall I would say he is a happy dog, playing with his toys, the cat , going on walks and happily greeting visitors. I know any discomfort is not good, which is why we are scheduled to see the neurologist this month.

I am reluctant to put him on steriods as that is what has been suggested would be the next step if these current meds were not working. For some reason my current neuro is against Lyrica which I would rather try than predisone. I will speak to him again about this at our upcoming appointment or perhaps seek out yet another neurologist. Oh how I wish Claire was located in NY

I was wondering if there was any of you who had a young dog with CM MRI'd a second time and what the results were? I don't know if I should wait longer for the MRI or try and get it done this summer. The reason for re-scanning in my mind would be that if he does have syrinx formation,I would plan on surgery given his young age. However if it's still "just CM" I don't know what I will do. Has anyone done surgery on their dog with CM and no actual syrinx noted?