One of the breeders that was doing the scans and all contacted me, feeling quite discouraged, and told me that she can no longer give any sort of health guarantee as A to A crossings have shown that you can still get affected offspring. She is considering getting out of cavaliers at this time. Many other breeders I have looked into have also gotten out of them.

I admit, I am concerned at this time. Although I absolutely love the breed, I am very scared of experiencing so much negative in my first puppy experience. It's especially hard to convince ourselves to spend thousands, knowing that doing so still doesn't guarantee the health of the puppy. I'm worried that nothing I do may prevent my future puppy from suffering...

Is there hope?
How many of you have done all your research beforehand, gotten a puppy from a respectable breeder (incl. all bells and whistles), only for it to get sick?
I read that buying from scanned dogs significantly reduces the risk. Okay, but by how much? How many of those puppies out there are still affected despite both their parents being a-graded dogs?