Hi all- I wonder if you can help. We have a deaf 8 year old Cav- Barney who we adore, naturally! In January this year after some consideration we decided he might benefit from a companion, so we rehomed a 6 year old Westie bitch, Poppy. She is gorgeous and despite being used to being the only dog in her previous home she is really very friendly towards Barney. She adapted straight away and very quickly became part of the family. However Barney doesnt appear so thrilled with her. He tolerates her, he hasnt shown any animosity towards her- except the occasional snap usually if she snifs his treat etc but he just isnt interested in her. If she goes near him he moves away. He actually sits with his back to her! They just about occupy the same space thats all! I'm very grateful that there isnt any aggro between then but I thought theyd be chums! They just dont appear to be. They've been in kennels a couple of times together due to our lifestyle and they stay in the same one. The only time he gets close is if Poppy is on my knee then he wants to be too! I have made a concious decision and effort to treat them the same in fact if anything i give Barney a slightly higher position, putting his food down first etc.
Can i do anything or do we accept the status quo?